About Us

Inspire My Money founders, John and Karen Yates

Throughout the first 18 years of our marriage we had our share of financial ups and downs. In spite of all of John’s traditional knowledge and experience as a financial adviser and a Wall Street stock trader, as well as Karen’s 20+ years experience on a traditional career path we found ourselves – Broke.

Then we discovered the whole reason we were not in the financial position that we wanted:

We had not been working WITH each other.

We enjoyed our progress and enjoyed the ups and while we had been working towards many of the same goals, we had been working independently – oftentimes in opposition to each other – without even realizing it.

And then…

We discovered the “missing link++++” – Financial Alignment.

Our alignment with each other and our goals allowed us to completely change our situation and realize our biggest lifetime goal in well under 1 year. (Read the Real story here.)

We now teach:

 🔹 The financial strategies that we used – all WITHOUT Budgeting!

 🔹 The secrets that we discovered to be able to really communicate with each other, AND

 🔹 All of the fundamentals of personal finance and wealth management 

To get couples on the path to realizing their goals.

We are John and Karen Yates, couples financial coaches and founders of Inspire My Money, which we created to inspire YOU to do MORE with your money. Not through crazy investments, or get-rich-quick schemes, but by getting you aligned with your goals AND your spouse.

Start improving your finances today!

Here’s the Real Story, Click HERE.