Use a Vision Board to Bring Your Goals to Life

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Having created my own vision boards, I’ve realized that it’s more than just sticking images on a piece of paper and calling it good. There is some work that has to be done first! More than just about gaining a clear picture of your own self, you also need to let go of what’s getting in the way, and clearly connect to your dreams.

What Is A Vision Board, Exactly?

A vision board is a term that refers to any type of board that is used to create a collage of words and images that symbolize your aspirations and dreams. Essentially, your ultimate life vision.

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The Connection Between Vision Boards and Goal Setting

Many incredibly successful people, including Beyonce, Jim Carrey, and Oprah Winfrey, use vision boards to achieve great things. Because our minds respond significantly to visual stimuli, we can reinforce and enhance our emotions by depicting our goals with images.

Our vision board pictures build a mental image in our heads that reminds us of our goal. This is where we are meant to be. All you have to do now is paint that vision and immerse yourself in these long-term objectives.

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Meditate to Help You See Your Five-Year-Future Self

We need to be clear about what we want in life before we can select what to put on our vision boards.
Finding a quiet location, breathing deeply for several minutes, and visualizing yourself as your happiest, highest self is an excellent way to do this.

Assume you’re meeting yourself 5 years in the future.
🔹 What have you accomplished so far?
🔹 Where have you gone?
🔹 What are your top three qualities?
🔹 What would you advise your younger self?
🔹 What are some things you need to let go of?
🔹 What are some things you need to let go of?
Exhale slowly as you come out of your meditation and jot down some notes under each of the headings.

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Exercise in Goal-Setting

You can now create some short-term goals to help you get there now that you know what you want to accomplish in the next five years.

Take 30 minutes or so to write down some one-year goals in areas like family, your career, health, personal development, finance, and travels. Passing a certification test or learning how to cook vegan meals are two examples. Keep it short and sweet, but be specific.

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How to Make a Vision Board of Your Own

Begin to look for pictures that represent what you witnessed during your 5-year self-meditation. You can make your board digitally in Canva or by hand if you’re feeling especially adventurous! Make sure you incorporate the advice your future self gave to you.

How to Make Your Vision Board Goals a Reality

Place your vision board in a prominent location where you can easily see it.

If you made your vision board by hand, take a picture of it or resize it if you made it digitally, and use it as your desktop and phone screensaver or background.

Make time to meditate on a regular basis and really feel into each aspect of your vision, imagining how it would feel if you had already accomplished these things. Embody the characteristics of your future self’s personality. Doesn’t it feel good?

Every three months, go over your written goals for the year. Are you still committed to these objectives? How far have you progressed? Do you need to go through them again? Make revisions?

Now go make that vision board!

Completing Your Vision Board

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