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Marriage and Debt | How to Tackle Debt Together

Combining marriage and debt often leads to an atmosphere of stress and anxiety. But this doesn’t need to be your reality. By working together, you can effectively tackle any debts that you or your spouse have accrued. 1. Create a list of all of your debts. 2. Define combined financial goals. 3. Commit to achieving those goals. 4. Set a deadline. 5. Create a financial plan. 6. Evaluate payoff options. 7. Talk regularly about money with your spouse. 8. Don’t assign blame, instead work towards a solution.

Talk About Money with Your Spouse

How to Talk About Money with Your Spouse Without Negativity

Many couples struggle to have positive conversations about money — too often the discussions are derailed by negative responses. People react adversely in four ways to financial discussions: withdrawing, blaming, escalating, and dismissing.
When you work together to identify and implement solutions, you’ll not only feel closer to each other, but your financial situation will improve dramatically.

Your Spouse and Money Conversations

10 Tips on How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money

Money was something that I despised talking about and I became an expert at avoiding those discussions. When we finally sat down and talked about it, my husband and I realized that even though we wanted the same fundamental things, we were on completely different paths in our relationship because we hadn’t been discussing finances with each other. Here are ten suggestions for having a financial conversation with your partner.