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Tired of Chasing "The American Dream"?
Want to Experience More with Your Family?

Tired of Chasing
"The American Dream"?
Want to Experience More with Your Family?

Discover the Secret

What’s holding you back from having a life of adventure for you & your family?

Are your finances, or lack thereof, keeping you from realizing your dreams?

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Why Inspire My Money?

Why Inspire My Money?

      After years of chasing the “American dream”, we decided that we really wanted to live a life of adventure & realize our dream of seeing the world — before our two children grew up to live their own lives.

      In sharing our plans with friends and family, the overwhelming response was Amazement that we were following our dreams NOW & not putting them off until “later”.
Their second reaction was:

"How can you afford that?"

      That was the spark that started “Inspire My Money”. We realized that our passion was to work with other families to help them realize their dreams of adventure with their children — whether it be incredible vacation trips, traveling within the country, or even long-term travel abroad.

      Without winning the lotto, getting an inheritance, having substantial savings, or working at remote jobs, we figured out how to afford the traveling lifestyle that we so desired & still save for “retirement”.

      Let us customize a plan that works for you & your family so that you can realize your dreams.

Regardless of Your Current Financial Situation,
You Can Plan & Achieve an
Adventurous Life with Your Family.

It All Starts With YOU.

You Think...

🔹When I get my next Bonus/Raise/Client/etc… THEN I’ll be able to save
🔹Everyone else has it all figured out, so “Why can’t WE ever get ahead?”
🔹Your current situation is where you are stuck.
🔹I’d love to take more vacations with my family, but can’t afford to.
🔹How can I ever afford to help my child through college?”
🔹“Where did all our money go?” when you look at your tax return.
🔹 I wish we had MORE money to invest.

Something NEEDS to change...

🔹You’re tired of where you are at financially
🔹You’ve tried a budgeting app
🔹You’ve searched online for money saving strategies only to find penny-pinching tips
🔹Another month goes by and you realize that your bank account hasn’t changed.

What can you do to make a REAL difference?

🔹Saving money using coupons seems pointless.
🔹Using cash envelopes just seems like a first-grade mentality.
🔹Should you buy crypto?? Chase the next stock in the market??

You Still Want to Enjoy Life

🔹You don’t want to live like a frugal hermit
🔹You don’t want to be told to give up every little thing
🔹and having a restrictive budget, gives you the heebie-jeebies!

It’s NOT Your Fault!

You are inundated with images everyday of everyone else doing well, which makes you feel as if you are “behind” because you don’t have the same lifestyle.

Personal finance is not something that you have ever been taught. In fact, it’s taboo to even talk about.

So while your neighbor down the street seemingly has it all, what you don’t see is that they are up to their eyeballs in debt.

Check THIS Out!

Imagine This...

  • No more Guilt about where you are with your finances
  • No more avoiding those stressful conversations with your spouse.
  • No more arguing over money with your spouse
  • No more hoping this just all fixes itself.
  • Watching Your Money Grow like its supposed to!

I’m talking about a simple system to get your finances in order.

🔹 Not a cash envelope system
🔹 Not a restrictive budget🔹 Not a complete lifestyle change
🔹 Not “giving up” all of the joys in your life🔹 Not having to “Sacrifice”

🔹 Not a cash envelope system
🔹 Not a restrictive budget
🔹 Not a complete lifestyle change
🔹 Not “giving up” all of the joys in your life
🔹 Not having to “Sacrifice”

Financial Alignment:
A Holistic Approach to Your Family’s Finances

🔹 Our program encompasses more than just the numbers.
🔹 You won’t finish the program and wonder, “What do I do next?”
🔹 You won’t revert back to old habits because you will have a whole new perspective on how money works within your family.
🔹 This program is not about creating a scarcity mindset, but rather utilizing the money that you have to achieve the best results.
🔹 It works regardless of your current income, your current situation.

You Will Learn the SECRET to Maximizing Your Finances!

This program is FOR YOU if:

✅ You are an action taker (you are ready for change NOW)
✅ You are open-minded (willing to look at things from a different perspective)
✅ You are willing to work hard to get results for your family
✅ You want the best for your family
✅ You want personalized strategies for your family’s situation (no cookie-cutter approach to your family’s finances)
✅ You want to master your finances so you have more options and less stress

This program is NOT FOR YOU if:

❌ You don’t think you can do any better financially (you think nothing will make a difference)
❌ You’re negative (you think bad things happen to you rather than for you)
❌ You are content with your current financial situation (there’s nothing more that you want out of life)
❌ You want someone to talk at you, not work with you
❌ You make excuses (like “I’m not good with numbers”, or “I don’t have the time”)
❌ You’re not ready to take action NOW

There Really is a magic button
- we found it -
and want to share it with you!

What Do I get out of it?

✅ You will have the confidence to know your next money move. Whether that is building your dream home, investing, or buying that cabin by the lake where you can escape each weekend.

✅ Relieve your fear of what your retirement will look like. No more stressing about having to depend on your children financially, as you age.
No more worrying about being a Walmart greeter.

✅ You will have the strategies to break your old money habits.
You won’t be wondering where your money went ever again.
You won’t revert back to the same financial situation you are currently in, long after you have completed our program.

✅ No more guilt. No more arguments. You will no longer be the only one responsible for your finances. Our Holistic approach will team you up with your spouse to relieve you of the sole responsibility that you feel. 

✅ You will be able to plan that vacation with your family that you have dreamed of taking.
Without stressing about it.
Imagine the kids when you tell them…

✅ This program will give you the simple strategies you need to change your family’s financial future.

Hard Truth: If you do Nothing to change your situation, then Nothing positive will result


This program is perfect for your family, even if you currently have credit card debt, student loans, car payments, a mortgage, etc.

This program is designed to work with your current income. The strategies presented work regardless of how much you make.

While it can be scary to be faced with reality alone and you may fear guilty emotions, our program gets you and your spouse on the same page, to tackle this together. Being informed is the first step to taking control of your family’s financial future. Once you see where you are currently at, we’ll work with you to design a path that you are excited about.

We teach a very clear process in our program — one that is not restrictive budgeting. We’ll explain this in detail when you hop on a call!

Our program is designed to work with couples to achieve the highest results. Working together on your family’s finances will be far more impactful. 

Can you use a calculator? If so, you’re good to go! No need for any high-level math skills. We keep it simple.

Fill out our simple Financial Alignment Application form. With that information, we’ll direct you to the next step that best fits your family’s situation. As a bonus for completing the application, we’ll send you our free e-book, containing tips you can use to find $500+ this month without changing your lifestyle.

Should you not qualify at this time, we have some free resources that we’ll share with you to help you get to the right starting point for our program. You’ll be directed to this information after filling out the application.

Are You Ready To Make Real, Life-Long,
Positive Changes,
To Your Finances?

As Financial Alignment Experts, we NEVER recommend you purchase ANY service or product unless you are absolutely certain it’s the right fit for you and your circumstances.

Answer a few simple questions to make sure that you can achieve the results we know are possible with our program.

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✅ You will NOT find silly tips like stop drinking coffee, or get free flights by charging everything to one credit card.

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