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Karen and John Yates

WV Uncommon Place

I travel the world with my husband and 2 kids! But I wasn’t always so bold… I spent 20 years as a pharmaceutical research chemist, moving steadily up the ladder, living the “American Grind” lifestyle before realizing that I wanted more out of life – that I wanted to spend more time with my husband and children. That I wanted stronger relationships with each of them. That I wanted to live a life of my own choosing. Financially, we had been decimated by 4 job losses, several out- of-state moves, rental properties lost during the 2008 mortgage crisis, and most recently, a real-estate flip that turned into a flop. We were in no position to leave my job and travel, but it was a dream that we knew we had to pursue. 

Family, Life and Travels

The Travel Coach

It is hard to raise a family. There are numerous challenges, physically, mentally, emotionally , financially, and even spiritually. It is hard to raise a family in a stable and familiar setting, let alone raising a family in a totally new and changing environment.
This couple however, chose to embrace a life of travel with their 2 kids. They sold everything , packed their clothes and bought one-way tickets. As of writing, they have been travelling for almost
2 years now and they have no regrets as this has given them so may incredible experiences which made their family closer than ever.
Listen to this episode and hear from John and Karen personally on how they are able to raise their family while embracing the life of travelling. Let’s find out what are the challenges they faced and what made them decide to pursue this kind of life.

Inspire Your Family's Finances with John & Karen Yates

Brainy Moms

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and visiting co-host Sandra Zamalis interview John and Karen Yates. John and Karen are financial alignment coaches, founders of Inspire My Money, and authors of Own Your Financial Future: Seven Strategies to Get You Started Today.
Does the word “budget” create negative emotions when you hear it? For many people, that’s the reason budgets fail. John and Karen have created a new way of looking at your finances that uses the psychology of goal-directed behavior and gives you full control of how you spend your money. It’s an inspiring way of thinking about your shared dreams, working towards meeting them, and enjoying life now as a family. Not waiting for the “right” time.
Join us for an episode that addresses a topic that many couples want to avoid but don’t have to.
It’s all about aligning your goals and working towards achieving your dreams together.

Achieving Financial Alignment with Karen Yates

Upgrade To Get Paid

This episode, I interviewed Karen Yates, who spent 20 years as a pharmaceutical research chemist, moving steadily up the ladder, living the “American Grind” lifestyle before realizing that she wanted more out of life – that she wanted to spend more time with her husband and children. You’ll get to hear your journey and how she transitioned out of her 9-5 into her own business as a a Financial Alignment Coach.To connect with Karen:Email: Website: Support the show (

Vietnam (during the pandemic) with Karen Yates

Kated Travel

The pandemic has been incredibly challenging for all of us. Lockdown is hard at home. But what if you were locked down in a foreign country? What if you were visiting Vietnam when the pandemic hit, and ended up spending 18 months in Vietnam! That’s the story of today’s special guest Karen Yates, a passionate traveler and financial alignment coach. In today’s episode she shares the highs and lows, the challenges and wonders of being stuck in Vietnam during the pandemic.

You can connect with Karen at and also on Facebook

Overcoming Hurdles to Pursue Your Dreams

Yes You Can!

Q Have you ever wanted to just Go For It? Without knowing How or If it could happen? No Money No Job, Go travel the world with kids. Let’s Go!”
Within 7 months the Yates family quit their jobs, took our kids out of school and bought one-way tickets to go and travel the world.
We have been “stuck” in Vietnam and loving every minute of it! (Thanks to Covid🤔) Waiting patiently to move on to our next destination. Let’s talk and I’ll share that secret with you

The Yates': A Couple Who Saved Their Marriage by Finding What Did Work!

The Uplift Effect

This couple candidly shares their story of a marriage barely holding on– to now having a relationship that is thriving and helping other couples do the same. They have some solid advice on pivotal decisions they made and how they turned things around so their communication was open and traction could be made. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your spinning your wheels and making no headway…this couple has a unique story that I truly love! It will make you laugh, give you hope and reminds us all there are things that work and go right. We just may need to be willing to take the “one-way ticket”!