Discover the "SECRET" to Your Finances

Everyone tells you that if you want to have financial success,
You have to “Budget Your Money”.
“It’s the only way to make it happen.”

We’re Here to Tell You…

That’s just NOT true.
Budgeting might work for the short-term,
But if you don’t have the “Secret”, then you’ll end up right back where you started.
So what is this “Secret” ??


Say What??

Let me explain in this video:

So What's Next?
After understanding your money story &
how it relates to your financial success or lack thereof…
The next step is to specifically define where you want to go.
Not just with your money, but in 10 different categories.
Find out why. And How:


Learn How our Financial Alignment Program can benefit you & your family, 
without sacrificing everything you love in life!


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Who We Are:

We are John and Karen, parents of two incredible kids, who love family time, especially time spent walking on the beach or hiking in the backcountry, enjoying the beauty of the world around us.

We are on a mission to show other family’s how they can achieve more, live more, be more, have more. Right Now. With the income you currently have.

couple looking at laptop on table

There Really is a magic button
- we found it -
and want to share it with you!

We were just like you, living a “normal” life:
House, cars, kids, homework, vacation once or twice a year, sports, grocery shopping…
We would commute to work and then rush home to have dinner with the kids, play outside for a bit and then watch a show and get ready for bed to do it all over again the next day.

So what happened? After one of our vacations, (You will totally relate to this one…), we woke up and realized that we wanted more out of life. We wanted to spend more time with each other and our kids.
So we had this crazy idea…
What if we travel the world? With our kids? Before they grow up?

GREAT! Sounds like fun, Right?

ONE BIG PROBLEM: We didn’t have ANY money!

Despite all of John’s experience as a Financial Advisor and later a Wall Street trader for a small company & myself a chemist, we had never “hit it big”. We had kept our heads above water through 4 job losses (within seemingly stable careers & degrees), multiple out-of-states moves, and a failed real estate flip. So how could we possibly make this happen without jobs that could be done remotely? Without a pile of cash?

What happened next?  Even in the face of seemingly impossible hurdles, we were determined to make it happen. And it wasn’t until we looked back on our process that we realized how much we had accomplished. In 7 short months. Allowing us to board a plane with one-way tickets to begin our new traveling journey! The process that we discovered became the foundation for our Financial Alignment Program.

We realized that our passion was in sharing this process with other families just like you, so you have the ability to DO MORE with your own family — whatever that may look like for you!