Use a Vision Board to Bring Your Goals to Life

Manifest Your Goals by Creating a Vision Board

What is a vision board? It’s a visual depiction of your objectives. These visuals are often poster-sized and feature a variety of images and text. Some vision boards focus on one particular concept, while others encompass a holistic view of how you want the future to look. Putting your goals on paper in a visual form can help you visualize how you’ll achieve them.

Position your vision board where you will see it frequently in order to make it effective. The key is to keep any phrases short and pictures bright, appealing, and shiny. Be open to different approaches to your goal.

Financial Goals

What could an elite Israeli soldier possibly have to do with financial success? His story was captivating, and the lesson he learned was priceless and very applicable to you succeeding with your money.

Menu Planning 101

I know, I know, this sounds boring as all get out! Positively dreadful! I can already hear you thinking: “I have to sit down and decide tday what I am going to want to eat on Thursday?  How will I know what I’m in the mood for then?  What if I don’t feel like cooking …

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